Admissions 2020-2021 » Entrance Requirements:

Entrance Requirements:

  • ​Must have a current unweighted GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Must be a rising 11th or 12th grader and a resident of Mecklenburg County.
  • Incoming 11th grade students will have completed the following courses:  NC Math I (Algebra I), NC Math II (Geometry)​​​​, English I, English II, Biology, World History, Civics and Economics and Health/PE.
  • Incoming 12th grade students will have completed the following:  10th grade requirements listed above and English III.
  • Qualifying test scores on the PLAN and/or PreAct, ACT, PSAT, SAT and or CPCC Placement Tests.PSAT Tests were taken by current 10th grade students in October 2019.  How to obtain your scores.

Current CMS Students

To be eligible, the following must be completed by the lottery deadline dates.
C​​omplete​ the CMS Lottery Application.  You will need your CMS ID# and a PIN #.  PIN #'s can be obtained from your Student Assignment Notification Letter,  your school or you can c​​all us at 980-343-9437. 

You must also apply to be a CPCC student and obtain a CPCC ID#.  This is necessary in order to complete the application and allows you to take the placement tests if needed. Detailed instructions are found on the CPCC website from the link below. 
  Apply to CPCC Qualifying Test Scores

CPCC Placement test information.​
​Once you have completed your CMS Application please fill out our information form linked below.  You will need your CPCC #, Test Scores, CMS # and all contact information.

Non CMS Student

​​You must complete the forms located on the link below.  Forms may be presented at any CMS school, Learning Community or to the Student Placement office.New student enrollment period for Phase II Options Lottery:  

​Submit your current high school transcript along with the test scores. Scanned to or faxed to 980 343 2432
CMS Student Enrollment Forms​
​Key Dates
​Please see above and follow instructions for CMS Students​​

Additional Information For Your Consideration

  • There is no CMS transportation to /from CMS Middle College High Schools.  Students can drive to school, be dropped off and picked up, or students can receive a free CATS Bus Pass from the school each month to provide their transportation to/from school.  Levine has limited CATS Transportation.  CATS arrives at Levine at approximately 8:10 and does not return to Levine until 4:30.
  • Middle College High Schools operate on a school calendar that is aligned to the CPCC academic calendar.  Our 2020-2021 academic calendar has been approved and is on our website. School usually begins the first week of August and ends the last week of May.  First semester ends in December.
  • Students take their remaining high school required courses for graduation from 11:20 a.m. until 4:20 p.m.  Students can take their CPCC classes at any time they are not taking a high school class.
  • Middle College High School students are only allowed to participate in athletics, cheerleading and marching band at their home school. 
  • 12th grade available seats will be determined by current 11th grade students not returning to Levine for 12th grade.  ​